Well, this is my third blog because the first, second already down because some stupid i have
done install alot of plugin, make it down so i drop it at all create new, this blog will fill about my tutorial PHP and MySQL, overall i’m new bie at this already work about 2 month so i should make blog, just for share to people who need my tutorial, I’m Bataknise and already single :p but who’s care ?Fuckin Lol

i hope this blog so be life as long as became programmer, well i think that’s enough for say hai, well if any one contact me you can contact me at

  1. Email              : sidaurukfreddy@gmail.com
  2. Hp                   : 085664257224
  3. Facebook       : Freddy Sidauruk
  4. PIN                  : 513C8B71

here i am, Cheers