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How to Install Code Igniter In Localhost

oke, let’s start it, now i’m working out with Code Igniter for several days, need hard to understand it, wait not hard but need a comfort and calm to understand, first you should make a coffe :p

well first you should download code igniter here¬†download last update code igniter, after donload it extract your directory let say ¬†you name it as “codeigniter”








See there is 3 folder but just focus in 2 is that application and system, folder user guide you can drop it because it’s not neeed it after you became Senior :p

now i just give a bassic setting for code igniter

click application and search file database.php located aplication/config find it







and stiil same folder open autoload.php














That you have code igniter for working, This is what i’ve got today